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Terre di Vara

Vara, meaning water in Celtic, gives its name to the capital of this wonderful Piedmontese province: Novara.

The water that over time has carved out magical depressions which have become the lakes of Maggiore and Orta to the north of the province, the streams that cut through the valleys, the Ticino and Sesia rivers that embrace the territory, the canals that define the “bassa”.

The water that surrounds and enriches hills with famous vineyards, mountains, castles, patrician villas and protected areas where nature still appears unspoiled.

The water that enhances the excellence of our food and wine and becomes a starting point for sport, wellness and a thousand experiences to discover.

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The magic of water, a precious resource

Swimming: a way of life. A phrase, perhaps an aphorism, which expresses the passion of those who spend hours in contact with water, nourished by harmonic and rhythmic movements, by the time spent covering distances and by the repetitive gestures that give a sense of well-being.


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